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J-Valve® Transapical TAVI/TAVR SystemOne-Stop Solution for Aortic Valve Disease
3 Claspers Low Profile Short Access 3-Step-Release
AJ-Valve® system: a new generation TAVI Device with 3 claspers
B3 Claspers deployed at the bottom level of Valsalva sinus
CValve migrating to the propriate position with guidance of the claspers
DJ-Valve® self-expanded and system completely deployed
EJ-Valve® fixed in annulus level and delivery device withdrawed
One-Stop Solution for Aortic Valve Disease
New Generation TAVI Device: Precise Position
3 Claspers offer precise location and approved indication of AI
Low PVL: Precise Location offers low PVL
Low Profile offers better co-axial and safe to coronary artery
No need to oversize and reduce III° A-V Block
New Generation TAVI Device: Approved Duration
Porcine leaflets
27-33Fr Sheath avoided overfolded prosthesis leaflet
New generation Device of anti-calcification technology
200MM times in vitro test approved satisfied duration (China NMPA)
New Generation TAVI Device: 3-Step-Release
Friendly to new player: Follow the 3-step-release, delivery system of a medical prosthesis though minimally invasive means
Smart design: The implantation device utilizes movable claspers for both positioning and anchoring the valve prosthesis. Alternative designs of the devices allow different methods for transapical implantation of a sutureless valve prosthesis
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