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Vertical integration simply means: we streamline the way medical technology enters and scales for emerging markets throughout APAC. Better for our partners, better for our portfolio.



We facilitate a continuous flow of medical innovation on our platform, seeking out and connecting with entrepreneurs and innovators from every corner of the globe.


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R&D never stops at our own integrated facilities as well as with partners around the world. Through global collaborations, we work closely with healthcare practitioners across global markets to understand user needs and bring these ideas to innovators worldwide, working seamlessly to bring the right technology to where and who needs it most.

Through our manufacturing facilities, we have the capacity and ability to bring these technologies to fruition, making them accessible because we understand that getting critical MedTech and hospital supplies where they’re needed isn’t just a market advantage: it saves lives.

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Interventional R&D and Production

We make interventional neurovascular products available through our subsidiary Minitech Medical; R&D, manufacturing, and distribution for a wider range of interventional devices will commence at our own integrated facility in Wuxi, Jiangsu province by 2025. By 2027, its Annual Output Value is expected to reach more than USD 700M.


Surgical R&D and Production

Our subsidiary Reach Surgical is the largest local minimally invasive surgical enterprise in China, with integrated facilities for R&D, manufacturing, and distribution for stapler and ultrasonic energy devices.


Whichever stage of development your company or product is at—welcome aboard. Diverse and flexible partnership models work to bring out the best in your technology as soon as possible.

  • R&D Partnership

    Our open innovation platform welcomes R&D groups from around the world to collaborate with and innovate for APAC markets. Our accelerator setup and Singapore HQ are open to incubating the most promising IPs into first-in-class medical technology for today’s most urgent health issues. Our strategic partnerships with global leading-edge R&D groups help overcome technical hurdles, making the road to innovation a fast one.

  • Capital Market

    Our platform is truly regional, backed by leading investors in Asia with cross-industry leverage and access to substantial financing. This allows us to help our partners gain access to the capital market network for deal syndication and co-investment.

  • Market Assessment and Strategy

    We help our partners navigate APAC markets by providing market insights and competitive strategies based on Voice of Customer and Key Opinion Leader engagement in the region.

  • Regulatory Approval

    The solid expertise of our own in-house regulatory team expedites product registration and approval.


    The team also advises on medical device strategies for NMPA, PMDA, and ASEAN countries and executes prototype testing, ethics committee submissions, clinical trials, and final product registration and approvals.

  • Market Access

    We have our own in-house market access team for reimbursement, tenders, and hospital listing, a regulatory and market access team with over 30 experts, and an experienced government affairs team supported by leading investors.

  • Sales and Marketing

    In China, our sales force comprises of 1,500 sales reps covering well over 4,000 hospitals and clinics. Our aim is to scale up to 10,000 reps covering 15,000 hospitals and clinics in five years. We have also made substantial investments into IT towards developing transparent, real-time, end-to-end transactions with strong compliance management to safeguard our business conduct.

  • Localisation and Manufacturing

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    We bring global leading technologies to local markets with high scalability via partnership models that enable technology transfer and direct manufacturing from our world-class production bases in Wuxi, Tianjin and Suzhou, China.



    We cover over 4,000 hospitals and private clinics in China and are on track to covering 15,000 hospitals and clinics in five years.

    With more than 500 Centres of Excellence and 3,500 major hospitals in our care, our network goes beyond sales and distribution.

    • We drive the adoption of new and innovative therapies, thanks to strong clinical support

    • We put in place a patient referral and management network between major and county hospitals

    • We strengthen collaboration with physicians, fostering innovation in the long term

    Our distributorship model focuses on


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