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ARTISENTIALArticulating Laparoscopic Instrument
Introducing ArtiSential ArtiSential's double-jointed end-effector enables
precise access to complex, difficult- to-reach
surgical spaces.
ARTISENTIAL ADVANTAGESArticulating Laparoscopic Instrument
“Articulation Without the Bells and Whistles” Any OR, anytime. We eliminate the need for scheduled block time for specific equipment. Our product line can be used in the existing surgical environment without any additional device, capital system, or fiitprirt. AetiSential leads to immediate capabilities.
Articulation With Tactile Feedback AetiSential provides advantages of articulating instruments without losing tactile feedback, which is essential for applyingprecise force on delicate tissue.
Flexible Access AetiSential double-jointed end effector allows various angles of approach with 7 degrees of freedom. This enables greater access to a variety of anatomical structures.
Ergonomic Interface AetiSential features a modified precision grip that synchronizes with the movements of the user’s hand and wrist. This provides ergonomically friendly manipulation and control.
Growing Articulating Product Line Our growing portfolio of instruments continues to expand to meet the needs of advanced, minimally invasive surgeons in a variety of procedures.
Genesis MedTech is the exclusive agent for Livsmed in China.