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Absorbable Surgical Sutures
Non-Absorbable Surgical Sutures
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Absorbable Surgical PDO Sutures
The absorbable single-strand suture of polydioxanone (PDO) can support the wound for more than 6 weeks, with little tissue reaction and no foreign body residue. The tension attenuation of PDO material is not affected by the alkaline environment of pancreatic juice and bile, proving it to be remarkable safe. The monofilament structure of PDO suture has a smooth, round surface with strong penetrability that can penetrate the tissue smoothly, with little damage to the body. The bacterial colonization of single-strand sutures is significantly lower than that of braided sutures, reducing the incidence of SSI.
Absorbable Surgical Sutures (Fast Absorption)
Fast-absorbing products are made of specially treated polyglycolic acid (PGA) and woven with multiple sterile strands. Suitable for superficial soft tissue, such as skin and mucous membranes or other short-term wound support.
Absorbable Surgical Sutures (MEQAO)
MEQAO series needles are made of hard fibre stainless steel that is tough and hard to break. The surface is covered with a silicon coating, and a sharp needle tip penetrates tissue smoothly. The suture material is made using synthetic polyglycolic acid (100% PGA).
Absorbable Surgical Sutures (TAIZELL)
TAIZELL suture adopts the latest weaving process, making it softer and more reliable. It is suitable mainly for general surgery, orthopaedics, plastic surgery and ophthalmology. The needle body is made using 300 series stainless steel with a micro-silicon coating on its surface, which can penetrate the tissue smoothly.
Absorbable Surgical Sutures (TAIZELL Fast Absorption)
TAIZELL suture adopts the latest weaving process, making it softer and firmer, providing excellent support for short-term wounds.
Absorbable Surgical Sutures
The absorbable surgical suture is made using polyglycolic acid (PGA) synthetic material through spinning and weaving. The hydrolysed non-toxic substances of the suture can be absorbed by the body with low tissue reaction. It can be widely used for suture and ligation of soft tissues, except for cardiovascular and neurosurgery.
Non-Absorbable Surgical Polypropylene Sutures
A single-strand non-absorbable surgical suture made of propylene polymerization, it is mainly used for the suture of human soft tissue and can also be used in cardiothoracic surgery.
Non-Absorbable Surgical Polyamide Sutures
The product feels very soft to touch and the thread is very smooth. Yet, it retains high tensile strength, making it suitable for neurosurgery, ophthalmic surgery and microsurgery.
Non-Absorbable Surgical Polyester Sutures
The non-absorbable surgical polyester suture is made of high-quality stainless steel to enable the integration of needle and thread, so that both needle and suture can penetrate smoothly with minimal damage.