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We specialise in cardiology, oncology, peripheral vascular, and neurovascular interventional products and believe in an integrated approach to R&D, manufacturing, and distribution. Our stent retriever is the first and only one of its kind approved by China’s National Medical Products Administration or NMPA.

Stent retriever

Trusted by more than 300 top hospitals in China, RECO® is the first local stent retriever approved by the NMPA. It is the only local stent retriever with more than 10,000 implants in the past 2 years (as of mid 2020).


Notable for its high placement accuracy, our microcatheter’s wide range of tube diameters and lengths for different vessel sizes make it suitable for a wide range of anatomies.


Our stapler and ultrasonic energy devices make surgery safer and more effective in close to 40 countries worldwide. We carry a complete line of products for gastric, colorectal, thoracic, thyroid, gynaecologic, and urologic surgeries approved by both the NMPA in China and the Food and Drug Administration in the US.

With R&D, manufacturing, and distribution all in one location, our integrated facilities make us the largest local minimally invasive surgical enterprise in China. We are the only domestic complete surgical suite provider preferred by over 800 first tier hospitals in the country.

Test Product under Interventional 4

ENDO line of minimally invasive endoscopic linear cutting staplers

Test Product under Interventional 3

ENERGY line of energy-based ultrasound surgical products


OPEN line of linear cutting staplers and circular staplers used in open surgery


Largest local minimally invasive surgical enterprise in China with integrated R&D, manufacturing and distribution of stapler and energy products. International presence:

  • China (more than 500 hospitals)
  • Globally in more than 30 countries including USA, UK, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Australia, Brazil

Stent retriever 3

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Stent retriever 2

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