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Our Story

Genesis MedTech is a different kind of company committed to transforming lives—those that need healthcare innovation the most, and those that work tirelessly to make it happen.

Our vertically integrated model is an industry breakthrough in APAC—an open platform that brings the best of MedTech together from every corner of the globe. It lets real patient needs lead and influence R&D and innovation, manufacturing, and distribution. Our goal: to disrupt the inefficiencies and fragmentation that keep quality healthcare costly and out of reach for many.

We share this bold new world of value-based healthcare from our HQ in Singapore, making the most of its locational advantages as the axis of communications and commercial scalability in the APAC region.

With a winning combination of platform and people, we seek to heal the way the medical community heals, making quality healthcare more affordable and accessible for everyone.

In short: by being direct, transparent, and efficient—we make better healthcare happen.


Vertically Integrated All the Way

Our business model makes us the perfect partner for bringing a portfolio to emerging markets in the region. From R&D to manufacturing to distribution, we streamline how innovative technology comes to life amid the APAC’s diverse and complex healthcare systems.

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Partnerships that Meet You Where You Are

Our open platform lets us collaborate with the best minds in R&D and medical device innovation anywhere in the world. Managing a wide portfolio of interventional and surgical specialties, we seek partners ready to take value-based healthcare to the next level with us.

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A Global Mindset with a Local Touch

From our Singapore HQ, we innovate tech with partners all over the world; on the ground, we work with expert teams well-versed in the local healthcare system. With this hyper-efficient model, we provide quality technology directly, transparently, and at competitive costs.

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